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Dataram Memory Solutions

About Dataram
Dataram Corporation- NASDAQ-DRAM is a recognized worldwide leader in the manufacture of high quality computer memory, storage and software products. Dataram products and solutions are deployed in 70 of the Fortune 100 companies and governmental agencies including the Department of Defense who use our products for the most demanding mission critical applications. Dataram was founded in 1967 as a supplier of original equipment memory to Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1968, Dataram completed its initial public offering. Today, our mission is to deliver solutions that improve the performance of our clients’ computing environment, lower their total cost of ownership, and leverage their investment in technology.

Dataram – Memory Solutions

Corporate & Industry Solutions
Overview of how Dataram provides products & services for companies in all industries & specializes in specific industry verticals
Financial services
High-performance memory solutions for real-time transaction processing and other financial applications
Life Sciences
Accelerate discovery and expand research capacity in the Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device fields
Electronic Design Automation
Powerful memory products to handle electronic design automation workloads
Government & Defence
High Quality memory products for the government and Defence sectors
Custom Design & manufacturing
Overview of how Dataram provides custom design & manufacturing products & services
Oil & Gas
Improve the efficiency and performance of your data-intensive systems to enhance exploration and recovery
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Innovative memory solutions that help users realize the full potential of CFD applications

Dataram – XcelaSAN – The Intelligent SAN Optimization Solution

Dataram’s high-performance storage solutions allow our customers to process more transactions faster within their existing IT infrastructure – a far more cost-effective solution than making a huge investment in new storage hardware and software. Dataram introduced the first solid state storage system for mini-computers in 1976. That pioneering development made possible many of the advances that have revolutionized computing technology in the years since.  Today, Dataram continues to lead the market with the introduction of the industry's first storage optimization appliance that delivers high-end performance from mid-range storage systems. With Dataram's innovative solutions, customers can leverage existing storage investments, while meeting the demands of ever-increasing performance requirements and unrelenting data growth.

Technology, systems and costs have changed dramatically since the 70s. But one thing has remained the same: Dataram's commitment to helping our customers implement the most cost-effective, high-performance storage solutions available.

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