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Intel Servers & Workstations

Business Systems & Networks – A preferred source for Intel Servers & Workstations

Being a customer centric company, we aim to provide our customers with better ROI, high availability, scalable servers to meet their specific needs on time. Let it be a file, print, email, domain controller, terminal services, web or database server on Windows or Linux platform.  

Intel Servers

As the most deployed server platforms in the world, Intel® Xeon® processors are designed for intelligent performance and smart energy efficiency. Delivering advanced reliability and scalability while automatically regulating power consumption to adapt to your workloads, Intel® server processors offer a range of innovative solutions to meet your unique needs

Find the server that’s right for your business – Intel Server Selection tool -

Intel workstations

Workstations powered by Intel® processors deliver intelligent performance to maximize computing graphics power for single, dual, and mobile processor-based systems. Intel processors run quieter and cooler, while mobile workstations provide excellent battery life for better customer collaboration on the go. Workstations based on Intel processors can support more memory than traditional business desktops. With support for professional grade graphic adapters, workstations based on Intel processors provide better visualization experiences. And Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) enables these processors to deliver near-native performance in a virtualized guest OS environment. Intel processors for workstations provide intelligent technologies that maximize performance now and in the future.

Find the workstation that’s right for your business – Intel workstation Selection tool -

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