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About Alliance Storage Technologies

Alliance Storage Technologies storage solutions are used by thousands of organizations worldwide across a variety of markets and applications, including medical, financial, government, broadcast and entertainment. They are available in a complete range of configurations to meet the variety of archive requirements- from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies.

ASTI and Plasmon
In January 2009, Alliance Storage Technologies Inc. (ASTI) acquired all of Plasmon's assets and continues to manufacture, develop and support Plasmon Libraries, UDO1/UDO2 optical drives, media and parts. Additionally, ASTI is providing global maintenance services for the full line of Plasmon-brand products. With this acquisition, ASTI positions itself as an archival data storage leader and exclusive manufacturer of Plasmon product lines and UDO technology.

Storage Solutions – Professional Archival Storage -
UDO (Ultra Density Optical) technology lies at the heart of all of Alliance Storage Technologies' archival solutions. It's the first storage technology specifically designed for professional and legal data archive requirements. UDO provides absolute data authenticity for regulatory compliance or for any application where archived information must remain intact and permanently unchanged for a long period of time.

Archive Appliance Express

True Archival Storage at your Desktop
Alliance Storage Technologies’s Archive Appliance Express™ (AA Express) was specifically designed to meet the professional archiving needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. It combines the performance and simplicity of network-attached RAID cache with the longevity and authenticity of UDO media. With the AA Express, users can experience the same benefits of long-term archival storage previously available only in larger, more expensive systems.

G-Series Libraries

Professional Archival Storage

The G-Series is a scalable archive library family, and models range from 24 to 638 slots. So it’s easy to select the perfect size library for your application. And the G-Series also provides mixed media support for both MO and UDO technology in one library.

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